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Forex Managed Account For Free | Belajar Trading Forex (Valas) | Learn Forex Trading
Forex Managed Account Service by LearnForexPro offers Forex Managed Account Program (Fund Management) with an estimated 5-30% profit per month which is of course a right choice for you who want a passive income investment that returns higher profit than ordinary bank deposits or for you who do not have time to trade.

As investor, you only need to open a forex trading account and make deposit according to our requirements. We will trade and manage your funds using a combination of manual trading and automated trading / robot (EA).

Live Account Performance using LearnForexPro's Super Hedging Forex Robot can be found at : Super Hedging Robot Forex EA


Trading Account Performance :

Note : Trading Results below are executed in real market conditions and not backtests. (Verified and guaranteed not fake)

Profit : 158% started June 2012

Profit : 119% started May 2012

Profit : 114% started July 2012

Profit : 106% started May 2012

Profit : 101% started Nov 2011

Profit : 156% started Dec 2009

Profit : 88% started Jan 2013

Profit : 84% started Jan 2013

Profit : 59% started Jun 2012

Profit : 36% started Jan 2013

Terms and conditions of LearnForexPro Managed Account Program:
  1. Minimum Managed Account program initial deposit is US$2000. There are options you can choose :

    1. Deposit USD$2000 - <USD$5000 :
      BEST OFFER : With a minimum deposit of US$2000 Get Free Management Fee for 1 month ! (100% profit for Investor)

    2. Deposit USD$5000 or more :
      BEST OFFER : With a minimum deposit of US$5000 Get Free Management Fee ! (100% profit for Investor)

  2. The minimum managed account contract period is 1 month counted from the first day of the month . Contract period can be extended at any time. In case you deposit on 10th to 30/31 th of the month then the period will be extended to end of the next month. For example : Deposit is made on 10 May, then managed account service will be ended at 30 June. (1.5 month)

  3. Estimated profit is about 5-30% per month. If the profit is less than 5% per month or minus (calculated based on initial capital at the beginning of each month of contract period), the 30% management fee will not be charged.

    Equity Estimated Profit/mo(%) Estimated Profit/mo($) Investor Gain Management Fee
    $50000 30% (Best) $15000 $15000 Free
    10% (Base) $5000 $5000 Free
    5% (Worst) $2500 $2500 Free
    <5% Free
    $25000 30% (Best) $7500 $7500 Free
    10% (Base) $2500 $2500 Free
    5% (Worse) $1250 $1250 Free
    <5% Free
    $10000 30% (Best) $3000 $3000 Free
    10% (Base) $1000 $1000 Free
    5% (Worst) $500 $500 Free
    <5% Free

    1. Estimated Profit/mo(%) = Estimated Profit / month in USD in percent

      There are 3 scenarios :
      1. Best Scenario = 30% monthly profit
      2. Base Scenario = 10% monthly profit
      3. Worst Scenario = 5% monthly profit

    2. Estimated Profit/mo($) = Estimated Profit / month in USD. (Gross Profit)

    3. Investor Gain = Estimated Profit (Nett Profit) for investor (You). Calculated by 70% of Gross Profit

    4. Management Fee = LearnForexPro's Management Fee. Calculated by 30% of Gross Profit. Free of Management Fee if Gross Profit <5% / month

  4. Investors must pay 30% management fee at the end contract period and the maximum payment deadline is 3-5 working days before the contract expires. (Only if the profit earned is 5% or more). During the 3-5 days grace period, your account will not be traded until the investors to pay off the payment.

    In this case, investors are expected to immediately transfer 30% of the profit to LearnForexPro Liberty Reserve account. (The amount of exact 30% profit / management fee will be notified to investors at the end of the period by email). The only payment method accepted is Liberty Reserve.

  5. Three to five days before the contract expires, the investor shall confirm or notify that he/she will continue the contract to the next month or stopped. If there is no notification from the investor, it will be assumed that the investor is agree to extend the period to the next month.

  6. Trading Account must be registered in "Standard" Account Type through the following link Professional Forex Platform

  7. Forex trading is a high risk high return investment. Therefore, investors aware to have understood the risks and could bear any losses that might occur in this managed account program. However LearnForexPro team will always avoid the loss and limit the loss as minimum as possible.

  8. In the event of disasters, war, or problems in the forex broker's side (force majeure), LearnForexPro will not be responsible and all potential losses occured will be at investors responsibility.

Is LearnForexPro able to access / withdraw investors funds without investors permission?

We CAN NOT and WILL NOT access or withdraw investors fund for any reason as "trader password" you give, can not be used to withdraw investor's fund and for trading purpose only.

Only investors who own the account have the right to withdraw his/her fund by using withdrawal PIN code. (Please keep this PIN Code at safe place)

In addition, trading account used to manage the account will be made by the investors themselves, on the name of the investors themselves, and deposits made will be deposited DIRECTLY to the forex broker without LearnForexPro intervention.

This rule is applied to provide a sense of security to investors and to avoid unwanted things between both parties.

Managed Account Program application registration and procedures :
  1. Sign up on "Standard Type" MetaTrader platform recommended by LearnForexPro reference. We inform you once again that the managed account is only for Standard account type and does not apply to Micro account type.

    Click here to sign up trading account : Professional Forex Platform

  2. After you have successfully created "Standard" Account Type, please confirm by sending an email to stating that you want to join Managed Account Program and personal information :

    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Country
    4. Phone Number
    5. MetaTrader Login Number (Standard)
    6. Estimated Fund to be managed

    We will check and validate the data above. Once you have registered correctly under LearnForexPro's referral, we will inform you via email.

  3. Verify your trading account by sending ID document and address proof document to the forex brokerage.

  4. Once ID document and address proof document are accepted and the trading account has been verified, you can make deposit by Liberty Reserve, Bank Transfer (wire), or by other deposit methods.

    To check the status of your live trading account, you can login to member area and the status will be marked as "Verified" (status must be "verified", and not "Approved")

    Note : Step by step account registration and verification can be found at : Professional Forex Platform

  5. For information, when you deposit by bank transfer / wire, the bank account holder's name must match the name of your trading account. Transfer from third party / different name will be rejected by the forex brokerage.

  6. When your deposit has been credited to your trading account, you need to reconfirm by sending an email to :

    1. Name
    2. MetaTrader Login Number
    3. Trading Type **
    4. Trader Password (Not investor password!)
    5. MetaTrader Trading Account Server
    6. Deposit Amount

    ** There are 3 Trading Type : Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive. Conservative is managed account with lowest risk, but the yield is the smallest than other trading types. Moderate has medium risk and reward ratio. While Aggressive will produce maximum profit with higher risk.

  7. Trader Password will be temporarily changed by LearnForexPro during Managed Account Period to prevent investor's intervention. This is to avoid losses that may happen when investor intervene his account by closing position or change any trading orders.

    However, investors are still able to monitor their account by login to metatrader with investor password.

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