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Start Trading Forex and Register A Free Account | Belajar Trading Forex (Valas) | Learn Forex Trading
Start Trading Forex and Register Free Account Start Trading Forex Online

This Forex Broker is recommended for traders who already have average basic forex knowledge, intermediate, or advanced traders. Using MetaTrader, this platform offers simple operation yet powerful. By signing up on this platform we offer advantages as follows :

The benefits to trade with this forex broker :
    Forex Trading step by step
  1. Spread starts from 3 pips
  2. Leverage option upto 1:1000
  3. Minimum Initital Deposit $1
  4. No Swap Accounts for moslem
  5. Trading Forex, Index, Future, and Stock (more than 300 trading instruments)
  6. Deposit by Liberty Reserve, C-Gold, Webmoney, AlertPay, PerfectMoney, and many more
  7. Bonus : Fixed Bonus or Welcome bonus 30% from Deposit Amount (pilih salah satu)

    Fixed Bonus :
    Deposit not less than 100 USD – for Bonus 30 USD
    Deposit not less than 300 USD – for Bonus 110 USD
    Deposit not less than 800 USD – for Bonus 200 USD
    Deposit not less than 5000 USD – for Bonus 1000 USD
    Deposit not less than 50000 USD – for Bonus 5000 USD

    Welcome Bonus 30% :
    Must be registered after 3 January 2010

Open Live Trading Account (Free)

Please read step by step registration procedure below :

Prior to open Real account, it is recommended to prepare scan of ID document and Bill for account verification. ID document can be ID card or Driver License. While Bill can be electric bill, water bill, telephone bill, cellular phone bill, credit card bill, or internet bill. Please Note that Verification is required to claim Bonus

You can contact us at in case your trading account is blocked / disabled. State your full name, registered email, and login number within the email.

Trading Account Specification :

  • Trading Volume 1 lot (10.000 unit / mini lot). For major pairs, 1 pip value is equal to 1 dollar.
  • Trading Volume 0.1 lot (1000 unit / micro lot). For major pairs, 1 pip value is equal to 0.1 dollar (10 cents).

  1. Please read step by step registration procedure before opening an account with us.

    To open an account please Click on "Open Account" button below
    (Sign Up now for Free ! Get up to 30% Deposit Bonus by signing up now)

  2. Online Forex Trading

    In case the button above is not clickable, please Click here to open a new account

    Click "Accept terms of Agreement"

    Make money from forex trading

  3. On the next page, you need to fill sign up form with valid information


    Belajar Strategi Forex

    Example of Registration Form Part 1 (Personal Information) - Click here to zoom in

    1. Full Name: Fill in your Full name

    2. BirthDate: Fill in your Birthdate

    3. Address: Fill in the address stated on your Passport / ID Card. In case you currently resides on a different address than stated on Passport / ID Card, please use the latest address as stated on your bill. (Later, you will need to upload bill as address proof document)

    4. City: Fill in City

    5. Province: Fill in your State or Province

    6. Postal Code: Fill in your postal / zip code

    7. Country: Fill in your current residing country

    8. Phone: Fill in your current contact number which is active and available for contact. Please use country and area code. For example +6181234578910

    9. E-Mail: Fill in your active and valid email


    Robot Forex (Expert Advisor) for Free

    Example of Registration Form Part 2 (Trading Experience) - Click here to zoom in

    1. Password: Password to login to your trading account (web) and MetaTrader. You can also click "Generate" so that the system will create a password for you.

    2. Re-type Trader’s Password: Retype Trader Password above

    3. Phone Password: Phone verification Password that must be mentioned when you call the Broker. You can also click "Generate" so that the system will create a password for you.

    4. Re-type Phone Password: Retype Phone Password above


    forex strategy and information

    Example of Registration Form Part 3 (Financial Information) - Click here to zoom in

    1. Account Type Choose Standard.

    2. Trading Server Location Select Server that is closest to your location

    3. Leverage Use Leverage 1:400 up to 1:1000. If you do not know the leverage, you can choose 1:400.

    4. Account Currency Currency used for deposit / withdrawal. Select USD.

    5. Islamic Account (swap-free) Tick here for no swap / sharia account

    6. Subscribe for analytics receipt Subscription for analytics receipt trading analysis. You may leave blank or tick.

    7. Affiliate Code Leave empty

      Tick "I agree with the Public offer agreement" and click "Open Account" to open a new account.

    Forex Trading Online Business

    1. Trading Account Number (Login) (numbers)
      Login is your login number at MetaTrader Trading Software.

    2. Trader's Password (Combination of numbers and letters)
      Password to login to MetaTrader Trading Software

    3. Phone Password (keyword) (numbers)
      Password that must be mentioned when calling your Broker or when the Broker calls you

    4. PIN Code (Numeric)
      PIN Code for withdrawal / financial transaction

    5. Investor Password (Combination of numbers and letters)
      Password so that others can see your trading result without being able to intervene

    6. Server
      Location of Trading Server for your Account.

    Account Registration is finished. Please check your mailbox for email with sender InstaForex Client Department entitled such as InstaForex. Account opening.. The registration email may be located in spam / bulk folder. If this is the case, you need to mark the email with "Not Spam" in order to allow emails from the forex company sent to inbox.

Trading Software Download
  1. To start trading, you need to download, install, and login to your Trading Platform. (You have to have an account before downloading). If you have not registered yet, Click here to open an account

    Please click the button below to download MetaTrader.

    or click Download MetaTrader (alternative server)

  2. After clicking the download link above, choose "save file" or "save" to download and save the file in your local computer. Select a directory for example Desktop

  3. Double click on setup file you just downloaded to install trading software

    Download MetaTrader at

    Important ! Please read MetaTrader Installation and Operation Guide to find out how to make a demo account in MetaTrader, start trading, and other useful information :

    MetaTrader Software Guide (PDF)
* Download Adobe Acrobat to read PDF Format

Start Trading
  1. After installing MetaTrader trading software, if you do not understand the basic of forex trading and terms then it is advisable to read Basic Forex Articles:
    Forex Beginners
    Forex Education

  2. After understanding the term, the calculation of profit / loss, forex basics, and operation of MetaTrader, you can read up article on Forex Strategy

    Alternative Trading Strategy:
    Forex Strategies

    Automated Trading with Robot / Expert Advisor (for Advanced Traders):
    Automated Trading with Expert Advisors / Robot

  3. The next step, you can open a Demo Account to pratice trading forex or login to Live Account and start trading live

    Complete Tutorial about Trading in MetaTrader can be found in PDF files below :
    MetaTrader Software Guide (PDF)
    Start Trading in MetaTrader Guide (PDF)

WARNING: While trading, you should pay attention to "Margin Level" within "Trade Tab". Make sure it is not approaching 10%. Once your available margin reaching 10% a few or all open positions will be closed automatically (Margin Call) to prevent your account to fall to minus balance. This means, you will lose a lot sum of money if you do not calculate your margin carefully ! We recommend you to use only 10%-50% of your total balance.
To learn more about Margin Call, please visit Forex Basic Tutorial page 2

Member Area

Please login to member area to view the status of Trading account verification. (You have to have an account before logging in). If you have not registered yet, Click here to open an account

Member area is an area to verify your Account, Deposit / Withdrawal, change PIN (financial transactions password), Change Leverage, Account Number, and other important data.

Click here to login to Member Area.

(The Login and Password are Login Number and Password you get during registration)

After logging into the members area, you will see Client Cabinet

Figure below shows that the trading account has not been verified (Not Verified). To start trading and make withdrawals (withdrawals) later, traders are required to verify their accounts

    broker forex terpercaya dan terbaik

  1. Account Summary
    Contains data and general information about trading account, such as login number, name and address of the owner of the account, leverage, balance, number of trades, etc.
  2. Current Trades
    Contains data on active pending orders and open trades
  3. History Trades
    Contains data on trades that have been closed or canceled.
  4. Archive of deals
    Contains trading data archive for a specific time.
  5. Forex Calculator
    Calculator to calculate the value of each pip's Profit / loss for specific pair, lot, and leverage.
  6. Bonus Statistics
    Bonus Statistics obtained
  7. Personal Information
    To change Personal Data, ie change Leverage, PIN Code Request (please upload ID card), change password, change account swap / interest rate, and change the account type. Recommended Leverage is 1:400 or 1:600 . To change Leverage simply select your desired leverage and then click Save Changes.
  8. Verify Account
    Verification status of the approved ID document (passed / not passed)
  9. Account Link Management
    Combining more than one account to help traders monitor their accounts easily
  10. SMS security
    If traders have balance more than $ 10, they can request withdrawal security code by SMS. The cost is 0.10 USD (per sms)
  11. InstaWallet transfers
    Transfer funds between accounts
  12. Deposit funds
    Deposit funds to trading account. For smaller amount (less than $3000), it is recommended to use Liberty Reserve as online payments can be processed faster. Other deposit methods are via bank transfer (Wire), Webmoney, Alertpay, Moneybooker, etc.
  13. Withdraw funds
    To withdraw funds, traders must use the same method as deposit. For example you deposited fund by Liberty Reserve then the withdrawal should use Liberty Reserve.
  14. Payment notification
    Suppose you have made deposit and the fund has not been credited after a certain time. You may notify the broker by filling in the payment form notification. For bank transfer at least wait for 2 or 3 x 24 hours after you have made transfer from the Bank. As for the Liberty Reserve or other online payment can send a notification after the transfer.

Trading Account Verification

Prior to claiming the bonus, you need to verify your account. Verification process is only once. Two ID documents are required :
  1. Identifying documents :
    Scanned photo ID documents such as
    1. Passport,
    2. ID Card (Indonesian : KTP, Malaysian : MyKad)
    3. Driver License (Indonesian : SIM, Malaysian : Lesen Memandu)

  2. Bill :
    Scanned documents mentioning name and address. The name on Bill must state the same name as stated in ID documents (ID Documents at point 1 above)
    1. Utility Bill (Electricity, Water, Phone Bill) should not exceed 6 months ago
    2. Bank Statement

    Scan Guides:

    1. You must upload both documents to verify your account :
      1. "Identifying documents" (point 1)
      2. "Bill" (point 2)
      Note : You can not upload 2 point 1 documents, for example ID card and the Driver License, instead you must upload point 1 & 2 documents.
    2. JPEG, GIF, or PDF
    3. The documents should be colored and must not copies
    4. Must be legible, and not too small (please make sure the documents are clearly legible before uploading)
    5. The maximum size is 1 Mbyte per file

Click here to verify your account. (You have to have an account before verifying). If you have not registered yet, Click here to open an account

Verification Procedure :

Strategi Forex

Select the appropriate ID document according to the file to be uploaded.
  1. ID Documents (First verification level)
    Choose the appropriate Name :
    1. National ID Card
    2. Driver License
    3. Passport

    To upload "First verification level" for example ID card. Select your documents file in your PC by clicking Browse. Click Upload.

  2. Proof of address (Second verification level)
    Choose the appropriate Name :
    1. Utility Bill (Electricity, Water, Phone Bill)
    2. Bank Statement

    To upload "Proof of address" for example Phone Bill. Select your documents file in your PC by clicking Browse. Click Upload.
The verification process takes about 24 hours on weekdays. Accounts that have been approved will show "Account Status: Verified"

Deposit Account

To fund your trading account, for smaller amount (less than $3000), it is recommended to use Liberty Reserve as online payments can be processed faster, or use Bank Wire Transfer for larger amount.

Deposit by Liberty Reserve :

Benefits :
  1. Broker does not charge Deposit and withdrawal fee (free). (Charged Fee is only from Liberty Reserve which is around 1%)
  2. The deposit will be credited instantly into your trading account
  3. Minimum withdrawal $1
  4. Suitable for deposits under USD$3000

Professional and the best Forex Broker

Regulated and Best forex brokerage

Get 30% Deposit Bonus

Profitable forex trading strategy

Select "Deposit funds" => "Liberty Reserve" => Liberty Reserve (USD) => Fill in Amount (without $ sign), click "Preview" => "Proceed to payment".

After that you will be redirected to Liberty Reserve website. Please login to Liberty Reserve account and double check the amount you wish to deposit. If so, please proceed

Deposit by Wire Transfer :

Wire Transfer information :
  1. Deposit fee charged by local bank is around US$25-30
  2. Minimum withdrawal is $300
  3. Suitable for larger amount deposit (US$3000 or more)

Mencari uang online tanpa modal

Belajar Forex Valas Trading

Robot Forex Terbaik

Bisnis Internet Online

Wire Transfers take a few days (2-4 days). Select the Deposit Funds => Wire Transfer => Wire Transfer (USD). Fill in the amount of the deposit (without the $ sign), then click "Preview". Please write down or print the wire information and give it to the bank officer.

Wire Transfer Information
  1. Beneficiary
    Beneficiary is the Recipient name Beneficiary adalah Nama Penerima
  2. Beneficiary's Address
    Beneficiary Address is the Recipient Address
  3. Beneficiary' Account Number
    IBAN is the Beneficiary / Recipient Bank Account Number
  4. Beneficiary Bank SWIFT
    Beneficiary Bank Swift Code
  5. Beneficiary's Bank
    Beneficiary Bank Name, for example: Westpac Banking Corporation
  6. Beneficiary's Bank Address
    Beneficiary Bank Address example: 264 Church St, Parramatta, NSW, 2150, Australia
  7. Details of Payment
    Memo should you write on the Bank transfer form

Note : Details of Payment is mandatory and must be filled in Bank Transfer's memo. The identifier word will identify that the transfer is done by you and will expedite deposit process.

For example: Memo to be written is "xxxx-xxxx [KEEP THIS COMMENT]" (where xxxx is replaced by your account number - transaction code). Do not change the memo at all. Altering memo may cause delays (delay) of deposit process

After initiating wire transfer through bank, then you need to fill in the notification form to be sent to financial department. Click "Payment notification" in Client Cabinet.

Payment notification
Deposit by Liberty Reserve (LR) does not need to fill in "Payment notification" form as Liberty Reserve Deposit is instant

"Payment notification" form must be filled after completing wire Transfer to notify and speed up the deposit process.

Bisnis Trading Forex

Details :
  1. Account Number
    Fill in your MetaTrader Login Number
  2. Trader Password
    Fill in your Trader Password / MetaTrader Password
  3. Type of transaction
    Select "Bank" for Bank Wire Deposit
  4. Exact amount of payment
    Fill in the exact deposit amount
  5. Currency of payment
    Currency denomination used for deposit / withdrawals. Example : USD
  6. Wallet number or bank account number
    Fill in your Bank Account Number
  7. Date of payment
    Fill in the Transfer Date (Bank wire transfer initiation date)
  8. Time (HH/MM)
    Fill in the time of bank wire transfer (HH/MM)
  9. Time zone
    GMT-5 for NY Time
  10. Send SMS after payment processing? (SMS cost - 0.05 USD)
    Notification after the funds are credited via SMS. SMS Fee is 0.05 USD
  11. Notify by e-mail
    Notification after the funds are credited via Email.
  12. Comment
    Additional information when needed (can be left blank)

Account Trading Withdrawal

Withdrawal by Liberty Reserve :

Financial Freedom

Make money online

Online Bussiness

Details :
  1. Amount
    Wire Transfer Withdrawal Amount (without $ sign)
  2. Account in Liberty Reserve
    Your Liberty Reserve Account Number. Example : U1234567
    Important :
    "Account Name" Data on your Liberty Reserve account profile should have the same name as the name of your trading account. For example, your trading account name is John, the "Account Name" data in LR must be John as well. If "Account Name" in Liberty Reserve profile is not the same, you can change the name to match your trading account name.
  3. Pin Code
    Pin code for financial transaction / withdrawal submitted during registration

Withdrawal by Wire Transfer :

Rahasia Trading Forex

Teknik Trading Forex

Strategy Forex

Details :
  1. Amount
    Fill in Wire Transfer Withdrawal Amount
  2. Receiver Name
    Fill in Recipient Name (Your name)
  3. Bank Account Number
    Fill in Your Bank Account Number
  4. Address
    Fill in Your Address
  5. Bank Name
    Fill in your Bank's Name. Example : CitiBank, HSBC, etc
  6. Bank Address
    Fill in your Bank's Address
  7. SWIFT
    Fill in Beneficiary Bank Swift Code (swift code can be asked to your bank's officer)
  8. Correspondent Bank Name. (Can be filled if your bank uses Bank Correspondent)
    Fill in Correspondent Bank Name. Please ask your bank officer, whether it needs Correspondent Bank to deposit by wire. In case it does, then you should use Correspondent Bank for withdrawal. example of Correspondent Bank Name : Marfin Popular Bank Plc Ltd
  9. Correspondent Bank Address (Can be filled if your bank uses Bank Correspondent)
    Fill in Correspondent Bank Address. Please ask your bank officer
  10. Correspondent Swift (Can be filled if your bank uses Bank Correspondent)
    Fill in Correspondent Bank Swift Code. Please ask your bank officer
  11. Account in Correspondent Bank (Can be filled if your bank uses Bank Correspondent)
    Account in the Correspondent Bank. Please ask your bank officer
  12. Pin Code
    Pin code for financial transaction / withdrawal submitted during registration

Liberty Reserve Registration :
  1. To start deposit by Liberty Reserve, you have to open Liberty Reserve Account (Free)

    Liberty Reserve Registration Guide (PDF) - Merchant / Exchanger Digital Currency (E-Currency). Melayani Jual Beli & Tukar Liberty Reserve (LR), WebMoney, dan FCMarket-FxPro - Jual Beli & Tukar E-Gold (EGold), Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, dan NorthFinance. Merchant Digital
Currency (E-Currency) Changer Terpercaya, Harga Bersaing, Cepat

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