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Start Trading Forex and Register A Free Account | Belajar Trading Forex (Valas) | Learn Forex Trading
Start Trading Forex and Register Free Account Start Trading Forex Online and get a free $5 for registering an account
(For beginner and non US resident only !)

PS : If you are not a beginner and you have been around forex trading for a while. It is strongly recommended to use our professional forex broker which has a lot of features and benefits. Please (Click here for more details)
  1. Sign Up Now to get Free Real US$5 (Limited Offer)
    This process will take only 3 minutes to complete. You will get free $5 real money and $20000 demo money by signing up today. There is no guarantee the free $5 reward offer will be available tomorrow.

  2. One person is allowed to open only one account !
    In case we detect there are multiple accounts registered by the same person, such accounts will be suspended (or removed). And if he/she still repeat this illegal activity, all related accounts will be closed and blacklisted. This policy was introduced as a response to many related misuses in the past

    You do not need to open separated demo account to try demo trading as the account you sign up will have both Demo and Real account in one single account.

  3. You need to fill in your personal details correctly as shown on ID card or driver license to avoid account removal due to invalid informations.

Open Trading Account (Free $5)

  1. Please read step by step registration procedure before opening an account with us. To open an account please Click on "Open Account" button below
    Open Account For Beginner

    In case the button above is not clickable, please Click here to open a new account

    Trading Account Registration Guide :

    (*) Field with asterisk mark is required

    Learn Forex Trading

    Click here for Registration Form Guide page 1

    1. Username (*): This is your nickname you are going to use while chatting with other trader, for example: traderfx, etc.

    2. Password (*): Please fill in your password. (Write it down, and keep it in a safe place).

    3. Re-type Password (*): Please retype your password above for confirmation.

    4. First Name (*): Your Fist Name

    5. Middle Initial: Leave this field blank

    6. Last Name (*): Your Last Name (Surname). Please input your Middle Name in Last Name

    7. Job Title : You can leave this field blank

    8. Organization : You can leave this field blank

    9. Street Address (*): Fill in the address written on your ID card, Driving license, Passport, or Bill.

    10. Additional Address : You can fill this field with your current address if it is different with the address on your official documents

    11. City (*): Fill in your city

    12. Zip/Postal Code (*): Fill in your postal codes (Important ! Please write down this information)

    13. State/Province (*): Fill in your state or province

    14. Country/Region (*): Fill in your country (sorry they dont accept US residents)

    15. Phone (*): Your home phone number

    16. Fax : You can leave this field empty

    17. Mobile : Fill in your cellular number or leave this field empty

    18. E-mail (*): Use a valid and active email (important to complete the registration process!)

    19. Website : Fill in your website address (actually this info cant be seen by other trader) or leave this field empty

      click on Continue=>

    Forex Trading Guide Tutorial

    Click here for Registration Form Guide page 2

    1. User Template (*): Standard Forex Trader

    2. Coupon : You can leave this field blank (this is not discount coupon!)

    3. Recovery Question (*): A recovery question that will be asked if you forget your password for example : what is your fathers middle name (Important ! Please write down this information)

    4. Recovery Answer (*): This is the answer of the question you use above, for example : John, if your father's middle name is John (Important ! Please write down this information)

    5. Education Level (*): You need to fill in Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Professional Degree, Doctorate, or at least High School Diploma or equivalent to be approved. Do not choose other options to prevent rejection !

    6. Employment Status (*): You need to fill in Employed, Self Employed, Homemaker, or at least Retired to be approved. Do not choose other options to prevent rejection !

    7. Annual Income (*): Please fill with amount more than $10000 to be approved

    8. Net Worth (*): Please fill with amount more than $10000 or $25000 to be approved

    9. Experience in Securities (*): Trading Experience in e.g. stocks, bonds, funds, etc. You need to fill in other than "None" for at least one of either Experience in Securities or Experience in Derivatives (please see next question).

      Do not fill Securities and Derivatives question both with None ! Otherwise your application may get rejected as trader must have enough experience in Securities OR Derivatives before start trading.

    10. Experience in Derivatives (*): Trading Experience in e.g. forex, options, forwards, spots, futures, warrants, swaps, etc. Do not choose "None" if you have already chosen Experience in Securities with "None". Otherwise your application may get rejected !

    11. Transactions in Securities (*): You may fill in amount of Securities transactions in 12 month in case you filled Experience in Securities other than "None". If you fill Experience in Securities None, you must fill in with None. Otherwise please fill in with at least 5-20 transactions.

    12. Transactions in Derivatives (*): You may fill in amount of Derivatives transactions in 12 month in case you filled Experience in Derivatives other than "None". If you fill Experience in Derivatives None, you must fill in with None. Otherwise please fill in with at least 5-20 transactions.

    13. Trading Portfolio Size (*): This is the amount of average porfolio size in 12 month. You need to fill in at least $10000, $25000 or more.

    14. Traded as Professional? (*): You must fill this option with "No" (Important !)

      Click on Next=>

    Free Robot Expert Advisor 250% profit in 60 days

    Click here for Registration Form Guide page 1

      Fill in a check / tick on the checkbox :
      I have read, understood, and agree with the Service Agreement under which Marketiva MM DOO provides it services and products. I have also read and understood the Risk Disclosure statement and I am willing and able to assume such risks.

      Click on Finish. Your registration is completed. Please check your mailbox for email with sender Marketiva MM DOO entitled such as Account Successfully Created. The registration email may be located in spam / bulk folder. If this is the case, you need to mark the email with "Not Spam" in order to allow emails from the forex company sent to inbox.

    You do not need to open separated demo account to try demo trading as the account you sign up will consist of 2 account types : Demo and Real account in one single account.

Trading Account Verification
  1. It is required to verify your account after registering before you can start trading.

    The benefits you will get after verification :

    1. To Claim Free $5 Reward or to trade with Real Money / Live Trading.
      Without verifying your trading account, you are in "opening" status and still able to login to trading software and trade with Demo Money. But in order to get Free $5 Reward and Trade with real money, you need to verify your account.
    2. You can withdraw your fund
    3. To prevent your account get suspended when you trade at public computer (same IP)

    What does "Suspend" Status mean and why does your trading account get suspended ?

    Suspend Status is a temporary block that usually happens when the same computer is used by several accounts at once. These rule is applied to avoid fraud, for example if 1 person makes more than 1 account. "One account one person" rule is to prevent the misuse of Free $5.

    The same rule will also prevent more than 1 traders to trade on the same computer at the same time. So that other traders have to use a different computer to trade here.

    Another alternative to allow more than 1 person trade on the same computer is to use another platform (Professional) which allow creation of more than 1 account on 1 computer: Professional Forex Platform

    Special note for users who trade at cyber cafe, internet cafe, or public computer:

    Before logging in to trading software (Streamster), you must verify your account by uploading ID card or Driving License (once only) to avoid account suspension. Unless you were registered at the computer that had never be used by another user.

  2. When your account get suspended, you must verify your account by uploading scanned ID documents. Please note that you are not allowed and strictly forbidden to open more than 1 account. Doing this will make all of your accounts will be deleted, suspended, and blacklisted automatically by the system. And the same member will be permanently banned.

  3. Documents needed for verification process are color scanned:

    1. Picture Identification :
      1. Passport
      2. ID Card
      3. Driver License
      or other type of official document that contains Full name and Picture. (if your ID card or driving license contains full name, address, and picture on one card you can only use this documents for both fields)

    2. Identification confirming the customer's address :
      1. Utility Bill
      2. Bank Statement
      3. Driver License
      It must mention the same name as written on Picture Identification document above.
      Click here to verify your account

    Scan requirement :

    1. JPEG / JPG Format (color)
    2. Each file must not exceed 250 KByte. Please use 150 DPI scan resolution. (Make sure the documents are legible prior uploading them)
    3. Upload BOTH files at the same time in both fields

    TIPS :
    Once you have uploaded your documents or you need assistance, please contact our customer support by clicking "Live Support" (Available 24 hours a day 5 days a week).

    Please click HERE, select "Live Support" as figure below.

    Marketiva Support at

    A new windows will pop up, fill in your username during registration / your full name. Click "Connect".

    Marketiva Support at

    Mention your username to customer support to help them guide you the next step.

Trading Platform Download
  1. In order to start trading, you need to download Trading Software

    Click here to download Trading Platform.

  2. Click on "Download File: Streamsterô Installation Package", then select "save" or "save file" to download it. Save it to Desktop folder or other directory (Please turn off your download accelerator or download software if you have problems to download it)

  3. Double click on setup file (example: setup-streamster-1-2501.exe) you have just downloaded to install Streamster Trading Software

    Download Streamster at

Start Trading
  1. To start trading, please double click on Marketiva icon to login to Streamster Trading Software.

    Marketiva at

  2. Fill in Username, Password, and tick on "Remember my password" box if you are using your own PC, this way you will not need to fill in password everytime you are trying to login.

    Click Sign In

    Login Marketiva at

  3. After successfully logged in to Streamster, you may try to open or close orders with virtual (demo) fund. In case you have questions or need for step by step assistance, please ask online customer support (users with "i" or triangle mark in the front of their nicknames) available. Customer support will be online 24 hours 5 days a week

    To contact Customer Support on charge please click "Discussions" Tab -> Groups -> Support -> OK. Customer Support is available from Sunday 17:00 to Friday 17:00 New York local time. Please check to convert New York local time to your local time

    Customer Support :
    Marketiva Support at

    WARNING: While trading, you should pay attention to "Available Margin" left within "PortFolio Tab". Make sure it is not approaching zero. Once your available margin reaching zero a few or all open positions will be closed automatically (Margin Call) to prevent your account to fall to minus balance. This means, you will lose a lot sum of money if you do not calculate your margin carefully ! We recommend you to use only 10%-50% of your total balance. Example: Your initial deposit is $1000 and you want to use 20% of your deposit ($200) you can multiply 200 with 100 (as the broker has 1:100 leverage ratio), so in this case you can use 20,000 quantity. To learn more about Margin Call, please visit Forex Basic Tutorial page 2

Deposit to Trading Account
  1. There are 2 ways to fund (deposit) your trading account :

    1. Deposit by e-currency
    2. Deposit by Bank Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer / Bank Wire)

    For smaller amount of deposit (below $3000) we recommend you to use e-currency (for example Liberty Reserve, Webmoney, etc). E-currency takes shorter time to be credited in your trading account and the fee is lower than bank transfer (max is US$2.99).

  2. Before starting to deposit by Liberty Reserve, you have to open Liberty Reserve Account (Free).

    Please read Liberty Reserve Registration Guide :
    Liberty Reserve Registration Guide (PDF)

    * Download Adobe Acrobat to read PDF Format

  3. To fund your Liberty Reserve account, you can buy Liberty Reserve from E Currency Exchanger Merchant. Please visit - Liberty Reserve, FCMarket-FxPro, and Webmoney Merchant (Indonesian Only) - Jual Beli & Tukar E-Gold (EGold), Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, dan NorthFinance. Merchant Digital
Currency (E-Currency) Changer Terpercaya, Harga Bersaing, Cepat
  1. Right after you have already had Liberty Reserve dollar within your account, you must transfer it to your trading account.

    Click here to deposit by Liberty Reserve.

    Other alternative : If you are already logged in Trading software, to start deposit by Liberty Reserve, please click "Home" at lower side of the software. Select Account Center --> Deposit Funds, Click "Deposit by Liberty Reserve"

    Fill in your Liberty Reserve Account Number (starts with U) in "Sender Account No". Leave "Sender Name" default.

    If the above procedure doesnt work (hang). You need to manually deposit from Please login to Liberty Reserve by clicking "Account Login". Make sure there is enough balance at the main page of Liberty Reserve "(Account)". Click "Transfer" menu at the upper side of the page

    1. Fill in "To Account" with broker's Liberty Reserve account number. Make sure the brokers account number is "U5305307" Finantiva Broker AD (Double check to avoid mistype !). If you are not sure you can contact Customer Support Staff at Support Channels by clicking "Discussions" Tab -> Groups -> Support

    2. "Amount" Fill in transfer amount (do not enter $ sign)

    3. "Memo" Fill in your trading Username/Nickname without any other words !

    4. "Private Payment" Leave it blank

    5. Fill in 3 digits Master Key 3, click Preview, double check the recipient Account Number and Name, make sure it is Finantiva Broker AD, then confirm. (Note: Do not enter wrong Master Key 3 times, otherwise your account will be temporarity blocked)

    6. Write down the batch transaction number and give it to Customer Support Staff at Support Channels

  2. You can also use Bank Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer / Wire) to deposit to your account. Deposit by Wire needs 2-7 business days and bank charges around US$25-30 for deposits and US$30-45 for withdrawal. Please note that in order to use Bank Transfer, your account has to be VERIFIED (once only) as you have read above.

    Click here to deposit by Bank Transfer.

    Within our wire deposit form, please fill in required details such as Bank Name, Bank Address, Bank's SWIFT code, Your Bank Account number, your name, address,etc. Please ask your bank's swift number (bank's code) to your local bank.
    When you are going to tranfer by bank transfer, you need to fill in the deposit form, then transfer from your bank.
Good Luck !

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